The Mission

The Mission of Texas Cares for Children is to provide peer mentoring and education in leadership values by promoting excellence in individual merit and education in Texas schools. Students as responsible citizens, focus on respect of self and others leading to the promise of a bright and successful future. TC4C provide guidance, direction, and support for students and teachers in through non-profit funds providing these educational services at no cost to the schools and students.

The Vision

The Vision of Texas Cares for Children is to broaden the reach of this program to improve student educational and personal scholastic performance, transmit the culture of good citizenship and achievement and promote individual well being and educational retention in a positive fun environment of mentoring.

 The Purpose

Education is the pathway to success in underprivileged and unrepresented socio-economic cultures. TC4C student leadership development and mentoring promotes positive educational messages challenging students to set and achieve goals. Students learn valuable lessons which help them to overcome obstacles and peer pressure. Educational mentoring emphasizes staying in school, developing positive activities and habits, good citizenship, following rules and respecting all authority.